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Shekhawat (Rajasthani: शेखावत) is a sub-clan of Kachwaha Rajputs found mainly in Rajasthan, India. The Shekhawat clan claims descent from the great rajput warrior Maharao Shekha Ji. The Shekhawats were the most prominent among all sub clans of Kachwahas of Jaipur. Shekhawats were the rulers of Shekhawati.


The Shekhawat Rajputs ruled over the Shekhawati region for over 500 years. The Shekhawats are the most prominent among all the sub-clans of the Kachwaha Dynasty of Jaipur. Sir Yadunath Sarkar in his book Fall of The Mughal Empire, wrote that Shekhawats were the bravest among the sub-clans of Kachawaha Dynasty of Jaipur. This is clear from the following poetry on Shekhawats in Rajasthani language -

"आम ज उमदा नीपजे गेंहू अर गुड़ ताड़।",
"नर नाहर तो नीपजे शेखा घर ढ़ूंढ़ाड़।।".

Another couplet on the bravery of the Shekhawats is famous throughout Rajasthan:

Raj Karbo Rajani Khabo Peebo Khangani Pan ladba Karba Shekhani The couplet means that while the Rajawats are the best to rule, the Khangarots are the best for built and eatery habits but for bravery and warfare, none stand better than Shekhawats.

History also states that during a war between Jaipur and the Marathas, when a Maratha soldier executed a Shekhawat warrior for not giving him his horse, the Shekhawats, without the king's permission attacked the Marathas and killed more than 6000 of them, a Rajasthhani couplet explains the same:

Maratho Shekhe ne maariyo,je natyo ghodo deba soon Lal bhai jaipar ki dharti, Shekha na dabya keba soon

The Shekhawat rulers constructed more than 50 forts and palaces in their Thikanas in Shekhawati and other thikanas. The Shekhawati region has many beautiful kaleidoscopic forts and magnificent Castles. The walls of the palaces and castles are richly painted. Frescoes were introduced first of all by the Shekhawat Rajputs in their Forts in Shekhawati. They were the first patrons of the wall painting tradition in Shekhawati.

Shekhawati was established by the Shekhawat Rajputs and it was ruled by them till India’s Independence.

[edit]Maharao Shekha ji

Maharao Shekha Ji from Dhundhar or Amer established his own independent kingdom with the capital at Amarsar; he was the first independent Ruler in Dhundhar after ruler of Amer. After him Rao Raimal, Rao Suja and Rao Lunkaran become the rulers of Amarsar. Rao Manohar succeeded his father Rao Lunkaran and founded Manoharpur later renamed Shahpura[The present ruler of Shahpura(Rao Rajendra Singh Saheb of Shahpura) is the Tikai of Shekhawat sub clan]. The Shekhawats conquered the Jhunjhunu, Fatehpur, Narhar of Kaimkhanis and established their rule on them.

Rao Suja’s younger son Raja Raisal was a brave king; he conquered Khandela from Nirbans and succeeded as the Raja Sahib of Khandela.Rani Hansa Kumari, of Jodhpur Royal Family married Raja Raisal Darbari and had issue, Maharaj Kumar Babu Kisan Dayaldas also had the title of 'darbari' and 'rajah' and his descendents are known as Darbari family. He had 12 sons among them 5 were died in battle.

[edit]Girdhar ji ka Shekhawats and Ladkhani's

His seventh son Raja Girdhar succeeded as the Raja of Khandela and his descendents are known as Girdhar Ji Ka Shekhawats. Raja Raisal’s elder son was Thakur Lal Singh, he was granted Khachariawas Thikana and his son Kesari Singh founded Khatu. As Akbar called Lal Singh Lad Khan, this name become famous, and his descendents are known as Ladkhani. Thikana- Khandela, Royal, Jajod , Etawa, Mau, Mahroli, Samer

[edit]Raoji ka Shekhawats

Raja Raisal’s third son Rao Tirmal was the ancestor of “Rao Ji Ka” Sept of Shekhawats. He was granted the parganas of Nagore and Kasli (with 84 villages). Rao Daulat Singh son of Rao Jaswant Singh of Kasli, founded Sikar in 1687.

[edit]Bhojraj ji ka Shekhawat's

Raja Raisal’s fifth son Thakur Bhojraj was brave and a generous person; he received the Udaipurwati as his Jagir by his father. He was the ruler of Udaipurwati (The group of 45 villages of Udaipurwati was known as Pentalisa) and he was ancestor of the Bhojraj Ji Ka sept of Shekhawats. Descendents of Thakur Bhojraj founded many Thikanas and ruled over them. Bhojraj Ji Ka Shekhawats ruled over two territories; one was Pentalisa and another was Panch Pana.


Pentalisa comprised Jhajhar, Gudhagorji, Khirod, Chirana etc. and Panch Pana comprised the Thikanas of Khetri, Bissau, Mukandgarh, Nawalgarh, Dundlod,Mandawa,Mehansar, Alsisar, Inderpura,kali pahari, Malsisar, Taen,Mandrella, Arooka, Baloda, Chowkari, Hirwa, Sigra, Surajgarh, Harsoli etc.

[edit]Panchpana thikanas

Thakur Shardul Singh, a descendent of Rao Bhojraj Ji, conquered Jhunjhunu in 1730 from the Kayamkhani Nawabs. Thakur Shardul Singh had six sons, namely, Thakur Jorawar Singh, Thakur Kishan Singh, Kunwar Bahadur Singh (died in his Kunwarpadi), Thakur Akhe Singh, Thakur Nawal Singh Bahadur and Thakur Kesari Singh. Unfortunately, Bahadur Singh had expired in an early age. Later on Thakur Shardul Singh’s estate was divided into five equal shares among his five sons. These five shares were known as Panchpana. It was a second territory, ruled by Bhojraj Ji Ka. Panchpana comprised the Thikanas of Khetri,Dabri Dheer Singh ,Kali pahari, Bissau, Mukandgarh, Nawalgarh, Dundlod, Mandawa,Mehansar, Alsisar, Malsisar,Tain, Mandrella, Arooka,Baloda, Chowkari, Hirwa, Sigra, Surajgarh, etc. Akhe Singh died without issue, so his share was given to the other brothers. Thakur Shardul Singh’s sons and their descendents founded many new well planned and prosperous Thikanas.[1] Many Thikanas had their own flags and emblems. The Shekhawats ruled over the highest number of Thikanas in Jaipur Rajwara.

In early 19th century Sikar was the largest and wealthiest Thikana and the Kali pahari was the second wealthiest Thikana of the Jaipur State.


Shekhawati was the largest Nizamat of the Jaipur State, almost the whole of which is occupied by Shekhawats. The Shekhawat chieftains of the region retained a nominal loyalty to the Kachwaha Rajput’s capital state of Jaipur, who in turn honoured them with the hereditary title known as Tazimi Sirdars. The Rulers of the Shekhawati’s Thikanas were the Shekhawat sub clan of Kachwaha Dynasty of Jaipur Princely State. Shekhawats was the most prominent among all the Kachawas of Jaipur. Col. J.C. Brooke in his book Political History of India wrote that for the recruitment of Horse-army there is no region in India at par with Shekhawati.

[edit]List of Thikanas

Click here for Thikanas_of_Shekhawati


The Shekhawat population is concentrated all over the Shekhawati(Sikar,Partial Churu,Jhunjhunu),Alwar and Jaipur.

[edit]Prominent faces

[edit]Notable Shekhawats of yesteryears

[edit]The Legends

  • Maharao Shekhaji - Founder of the Shekhawat clan of Kachwaha Rajputs
  • Raja Ajit Singh of Khetri- Well known for his association with Swami Vivekananda
  • Raja Madhav Singh Shekhawat of Sikar.

[edit]Outstanding Shekhawats- Modern times

  • Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, Indian politician; former Vice-President of India is the most prominent name not only in Shekhawats but the whole Rajput class of India.
  • " Sh. Bachan Singh Shekhawat" from Shanusar (Ramgarh Shekhawati) Retd. Asst Commandant (BSF),Award- - POLICE MEDAL on Jan2000, Certificate byPresident of india, Best Seva Medal,
  • CHM Piru Singh Shekhawat, Gallantry Honour ; Param Vir Chakra
  • Admiral V.S.Shekhawat, Chief of the Indian Navy
  • Bishan Singh Shekhawat, Journalist; Politician was a younger brother of Senior Indian politician Bhairon Singh Shekhawat
  • Kripal Singh Shekhawat,awarded PadmaShri for the revival of blue pottery in Shekhawati
  • Lt.Col. Saurabh Singh Shekhawat (21 para Special Forces- Indian Army's elite commando unit), awarded Kirti Chakra, Shaurya Chakra, Sena Medal and Vishisht Seva Medal for his various acts of gallantry and distinguished services. He holds the distinction of climbing Mt.Everest for a record number of three times. His ancestral village is Dhani Daulat Singh, Alwar.
  • Deependra Singh Shekhawat,Present Speaker of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly since 24 Jan 2009.
  • Saubhagya Singh Shekhawat,Eminent Writer of Rajasthani/Dingal Literature:Ex Chairman Rajasthani Bhasha Sahitya Evam Sanskriti Academy,Awarded Maharana Kumbha Award 1983-84

ravi banna 009 (wahidpura) jhunjhun

  • Brig Durg Singh Shekhawat-(Chirana)served in Army Medical Corps and commanded the Military Hospital johpur.
  • Nagendra Singh Shekhawat(Sulatana) is serving the society in the field of education.



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(manya singh rathore, 2014-03-27 11:06)

can plz send pentalisa bhoj raj ji ka shekhawat,mandawara emblem or logo.

History of Lawan (Dausa) Rulers

(Radheshyam Bankavat, 2013-05-01 14:36)

Raja Bhagwandas/Madhosingh ji Kachhawaha accept Jagir of Lawan and title "Bankey Raja"from badshah Akbar towards his breavy. I want to know next Ruler of Lawan Thikana till date.
Any one know about this may reply me.

Rajawat is main clan or sub clan of kachhawaha

(Radheshyam Bankavat, 2013-05-01 14:29)

Recently noted that some Rajput using Rajawat is it correct. History is saying that "Rajawati" Title was given to all thikana's under Jaipur Riyasat . Main clan is as per old history is "Kachhawaha" Please verify and reply.


(Mahendra Ladkhani Roru, 2012-09-09 04:23)

I proud for all RAJPUT Cast

how shekha ji died?

(Dushyant SIngh Gaur, 2012-05-31 02:17)

bna aapne upar bataya hai ki shekha ji ke 12 betey the jinmein se 5 rann mein shahid huye the.. shekha ji aur unke 5 betey Battle of Hudeel mein shahid huye the.. Jo ki vahan ke Gaur raja Kolraj Gaur se tha.. kripya yeh jankari bhi daalen..dhanyawad




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