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Shri Bhadriya Mata Ji

Shri Bhadriya Mata Ji




Brief of the Diety:
It is said that the Goddess Bhadariyaji alis Swangiyaji and Ainaths were of a Charan family. There were already seven sisters and one brother in her family. The family of the mother had seven sisters and one brother. All these seven sisters and the brother Kshetrapal as idols have been installed here.
Architecture of the Temple:
The architecture of the temple is in the Nagar style of architecture, but the surprising thing is the absence of Shikhar on the temple. In apperance, the temple looks ordinary, but it is wonderfully strong in its build. The temple is situated on a high mound to which there runs a flight of steps.
Material of Construction: Locally available material such as sandstone and lime have been used in the construction. Total Construction Time: It took two years to build the temple.
Religious aspects of temple:
The temple belongs to the Shakta sect, but all Hindus worship the temple. The pooja ceremony is punctually performed everyday. According to the practices of Shakta cult, the Goddess is taken to be symbol of power.









Unique features of the temple:

The temple stands on a high mound. At the time of construction of the temple as back as 1.25 lac bigha land was declared Sasan (Oran) under the temple. It was considered to be the most sacred and even leaves and twigs were not permitted to be taken away. In this land, hunting is totally prohibited. The mother goddess is an embodiment of power. Even the prisoners whomake an entry into this land are treated properly.


Festivals & Fairs in Temple (Main Events):

There are four fairs held. Bhadwa in the Navratras of Ashwin and Chaitra. Again two fairs are organized in the bright half of Magha. The lacs of people come to attend this fair.


Custom & Traditions of Temple:

As has been said, the temple belongs to the Shakta cult, so predominantly the belivers in Shakta cult come to pay their first homage after marriage to the mother goddess and mundan ceremony of the newly borne children is also held here. In the main temple, only sweets and coconuts are offered but in a place nearby animal sacrifices and wine are also offered to deity.


Issues requiring global attention for conservation, protection and improvement of the temple:

The temple has played a great role in preserving customs and traditions of the Shakta cult. Just by this temple, world’s biggest desert University has been built with the objective of making the learners self independent and eco-friendly. They will be given education to be competent to have self constructing the world’s biggest library here. This library should also be made for wide publicity of this temple.














श्री भादरिया राय मन्दिर :

श्री भादरिया राय मन्दिर स्थान जैसलमेर से करीब ८० की. मी. जोधपुर रोड धोलिया ग्राम से १० की. मी. उतर की तरफ़ हें ! उक्त स्थान के पास एक भादरिया नमक राजपूत रहता था उसका पुरा परिवार आवड़ा माता का भक्त था ! जिसमे उक्त महाशय की पुत्री जिसका नाम बुली बाई था वह मैया की अनन्य भक्त थी ! उसकी भक्ति की चर्चाए सुनकर माड़ प्रदेश के महाराजा साहब पुरे रनिवास सहित उक्त जगह पधारे , बुली बाई से महारानी जी ने साक्षात रूप मे मैया के दर्शन कराने का निवेदन किया ! उक्त तपस्वनी ने मैया का ध्यान लगाया , भक्तो के वस भगवान होते हें ! मैया उसी समय सातो बहने व भाई के साथ सहित पधार गई ! सभी मे गद गद स्वर मे मैया का अभिवादन किया तब रजा ने मैया से निवेदन किया मैया आप सभी परिवार सहित किस जगह विराजमान हें तब मैया ने फ़रमाया मे काले उचे पर्वत पर रहती हू ! इस प्रकार मैया वहा से रावण हो गई , मैया के दर्शन पाने से सभी का जीवन धन्य हुवा ! उसी स्थान पर भक्त भादरिये के नाम से भादरिया राय मन्दिर स्थान महाराजा की प्रेणना से बनाया गया !


50 kms away from Pokaran on the Jaisalmer highway is the famous Temple of The Goddess Bhadaria Rai. Next to it is located probably Asia’s largest underground library. This library is the center of attraction of this place. The library provides the researcher rare books on world Literature.

Cause of Establishment:
In those days, the most ferocious battle of medieval times was fought between Bikaner and Jaisalmer. This battle was concluded with the victory of Jaisalmer. Maharawl Gajsinghji of Jaisalmer, he wanted to celebrate his victory. He, thorefore, constructed this temple.

Location: Shri Bhadariyaji, Tehsil Pokaran

God Worshipped: Bhadariya Ji

District: Jaisalmer

Road Distance from Jaipur: 540 Kms

Built in the year: 1831

Built By: Maharawal Gaj Singh

Nearest Airport: Jaisalmer (75 km)


Nearest Rly. Station: Shri Bhadariyaji Lathi (12 km)

Village = Bhadrya Post Lathi, Jaisalmer





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Re: jai bhawani

(Capt k.s bhati, 2012-07-11 03:14)

visvas hi sabse bara dhan hai.


(dev, 2012-06-10 19:07)

pls upload some new images of "MAA BHADRIYA ji"

jai maa bhadriyarai ji

(suryaprakash, 2012-04-17 13:34)

maa muj budhihin nirdhan par kripa karo. Mere budhe mata -pita, chote bhai par kripa karo hamare sab dukho aur peedao ko dur karo. hamare bura chahne valo ko hamesha hamesha ke liye parasat kardo maaa kripa karo

Jai Bhadriya Mata

(Surendra Singh Bhati, 2012-04-05 19:49)

Good work BhabhaShri...

Goddess help you

(doongar singh bhati, 2011-05-10 07:44)

Hello Mrs.

Very good work for this type.


(amritdeora, 2012-03-29 15:30)

hey bhadriya maa mere bhi dukho ko dur kare or manokamnaye puran kare jay maa bhadriya

jai maa bhadriya rai ji ki jai

(Vikram Singh Bhati, 2012-03-15 07:55)

jai maa bhadriya rai ji ki jai
jai maa aawad ki jai
jai ma aayal ri

jai mata di

(pradeep singh bhati, 2012-03-11 11:13)

i love of Shri Bhadriya Mata Ji and like this temple.....


(SHIV BANNA BHATI , 2012-02-11 07:25)


bhati mehrasar

(shiv singh bhati, 2012-02-11 07:23)

jai bhadriya rai mataji

jay mata ji ki

(Vikram Singh Bhati, 2011-12-03 05:03)

kuldevi of Shri Bhadriya Mata Ji

vikram singh bhati
nagaur rajasthan

jai mata bhadriya rai ji

(vimal soni, 2011-10-08 17:23)

mata ki kripaa se mera jivan safal ho gya mere pure pariwar pe maa ki kripa bani rhe jai maa bhadhriyaa rai ji




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