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राजपूतोँ के वँश

 "दस रवि से दस चन्द्र से बारह ऋषिज प्रमाण, चार हुतासन सों भये कुल छत्तिस वंश प्रमाण, भौमवंश से धाकरे टांक नाग उनमान, चौहानी चौबीस बंटि कुल बासठ वंश प्रमा."

अर्थ:-दस सूर्य वंशीय क्षत्रिय दस चन्द्र वंशीय,बारह ऋषि वंशी एवं चार अग्नि वंशीय कुल छत्तिस क्षत्रिय वंशों का प्रमाण है,बाद में भौमवंश नागवंश क्षत्रियों को सामने करने के बाद जब चौहान वंश चौबीस अलग अलग वंशों में जाने लगा तब क्षत्रियों के बासठ अंशों का पमाण मिलता है।

सूर्य वंश की दस शाखायें:-

१. कछवाह२. राठौड ३. बडगूजर४. सिकरवार५. सिसोदिया ६.गहलोत ७.गौर ८.गहलबार ९.रेकबार १०.जुनने

चन्द्र वंश की दस शाखायें:-

१.जादौन२.भाटी३.तोमर४.चन्देल५.छोंकर६.होंड७.पुण्डीर८.कटैरिया९.·´दहिया १०.वैस

अग्निवंश की चार शाखायें:-

१.चौहान२.सोलंकी३.परिहार ४.पमार. 

ऋषिवंश की बारह शाखायें:-

१.सेंगर२.दीक्षित३.दायमा४.गौतम५.अनवार (राजा जनक के वंशज)६.विसेन७.करछुल८.हय९.अबकू तबकू १०.कठोक्स ११.द्लेला १२.बुन्देला चौहान वंश की चौबीस शाखायें:-

१.हाडा २.खींची ३.सोनीगारा ४.पाविया ५.पुरबिया ६.संचौरा ७.मेलवाल८.भदौरिया ९.निर्वाण १०.मलानी ११.धुरा १२.मडरेवा १३.सनीखेची १४.वारेछा १५.पसेरिया १६.बालेछा १७.रूसिया १८.चांदा१९.निकूम २०.भावर २१.छछेरिया २२.उजवानिया २३.देवडा २४.बनकर




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Re: Re: can u arrange for me history sisodiya (mangliya)

(NASIR KHAN , 2014-06-29 06:13)

I am NASIR khan mangliya Rajput.basically mangliya is Rajput .father of all mangliya or MANGRIO is mangrah.mangrah mean fire of king and father of mangrah is bijrah and,father of bijrah is unanrah or anirah then father of annirah is gopatrah then father of gopat rah is sasirah then father of sasirah is jeaypal then father of jeaypal is bhatti or bhatiya and date of birth is mangrah in 10 aisvein


(Pawan kashyap (राजपूत) from Bikaner (Rajsthan) , 2014-06-16 05:35)

कश्यप -मॆहरा राजपूत बीकानेर

jeet lege hm

(ajay singh , 2014-04-22 10:49)

aap apne me changes le aao wo aap ka intjaar kr rhe h

please think

(janmejaya, 2014-04-19 00:43)

time to change
janmejaya singh
Honourable Member of the Rajput Community, What am I going to write is a sensitive matter. So I request you to please think and reason it out. This...
janmejaya singh
to mmcf
3 days agoDetails
Honourable Member of the Rajput Community,
What am I going to write is a sensitive matter. So I request you to please think and reason it out.
This is about "Inter caste Marriage".
I was born in a Rajput family in Rajasthan. My upbringing was among Rajputs and so I am aware of the rigidity that prevails in the Rajput community regarding customs and especially matrimonial matters.

Let us go back to the Vedic times. It is always said that the golden period in the history of India was the Vedic period when we were world leaders in sacred knowledge, architecture, ayurveda, science, morality, spirituality and bravery.

Let us see the social structure of that period. During that period we had four pillar of the society---Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and shudras.
Brahmins were the people interested in the study of Vedas, knowledge and carrying that knowledge to the general masses.
Kshatriyas were brave and strong, skilful in the art of war and general administration of the city.
Vaishyas were good at trading, supplying goods to fulfil necessities of people.
Shudras were the people with no special skills, so were responsible for keeping the city clean.
But the special feature of this division of people in different castes was on the basis of their mental and physical capabilities rather than on the basis of birth.
During that time there were no restrictions on inter caste marriages. And people had their own choices in matrimonial issues. We find numerous instances in Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Puraans where it is again and again mentioned.
We accept that our ancestors were very intelligent compared to us. At the same time we need to accept that they were quite large hearted. The society was not as rigid as it is now. And at the same time, today we don't find people whom we can compare with Rama, Krishna, Arjun, Karan, Bheeshma etc.
All the Rajput clans claim to be descendants from either Rama or Krishna or some ancient person from the Vedic period.
How come then we became so rigid. Why should we remove this rigidity and how to do this? How long will we be able to keep our sons and daughter from falling in love with boys and girls from other castes?
And finally if you find a boy or girl who is more qualified and has more qualities, but belongs to a different caste and another boy/ girl not as good but is a Rajput. Whom will you select for your son or daughter?
Agar aap khud unki jagah hote aur aapke mummy papa aisa karte to aapko kaisa lagta.
I am not asking you to openly support inter caste marriage. But atleast can you ask your fellow members that if someone marries outside the caste, then don't declare his or her family an outcaste. Can you do this little bit........?
Will keep in touch.............................


good histty of rajput

(lal bahadur dahiya, 2014-04-12 15:13)

jai shri krishan ji maharaj

(Saini Saab(kshatriya), 2014-03-16 07:01)

saini ,sainis m he shaadi krte hai,iska reason ye thaa ki jb muslim bharat m aye the tb un se dar ke kyi rajputo ne apna dhrm change kr liya.or saini phidi ko agee ana pda.. saini ne rajputo ki in kartuto k karn rahjputo se alg ho gye or saini's m shaadi krni start kr di..tb se ab tk yhi ret chal rhi hai

Saini of punjab not material link with mali,kushwa rajput mali.

Saini of punjab and border area jammu kasmir are chandravanshi rajput.

Want to know history of Salaria Rajput

(Dalbeer Singh, 2014-03-30 22:55)

I want to know history of SALARIA RAJPUT
Dalbeer Singh
E Mail ID - dalbeersinh77@yahoo.com
M - 09463471051

LIKE to know about palgota chouhan

(Sanjay Palgota chouhan, 2013-12-20 14:28)

Are the palgota chouhan are from chouhan vanshaj, can you please let me know the history?

Re: LIKE to know about palgota chouhan

(Sanjay Palgota chouhan, 2013-12-20 14:29)

email id: sk1jain@yahoo.com

want to know histrory of Lodha-Rajput

(manish rajput, 2013-11-25 17:20)

Urgent pls
i want to know the history abuot Lodha-Rajput
from where the belongs
thier kuldevi
etc pls it is urgent
my id: manish2shakti@yahoo.co.in
ph : 08733949822

big problem pls help

(mrityunjay singh chouhan, 2013-10-24 23:28)

Mein rajasthan ka chouhan rajput hoon aur mujhe jo ladki pasand hai woh verma kumawat hai..ladki ke gharwaale keh rahe hai ki woh rajput hai par mere father nai maan rahe...pls koi bata do kumawat aur chauhan mein shaadi hoti hai kya bohot help ho jaayegi...pls


(mo.hanif, 2013-09-05 15:13)

hi mewati fd

Required History of Gaur Rajput

(Rajendra Singh Gaur, 2013-07-30 09:55)

Dear Sir,

My Self Rajendra Singh Gaur ( Jodhpur ) 0 9460105551 required the total history of Gaur Rajput,


Rajendra Singh Gaur

add Dhakarey to your list

(Ashish Dhakarey, 2013-07-10 10:22)

We are Dhakarey rajputs, belongs to Agra U. P., we have a number of Dhakarey villages near Morena and Dholpur border.
You can survey and add it to your list.

Big confusen

(Madan thakur, 2012-06-02 06:14)

hi i m minhas rajput.. I love a girl and she loves me.. Vo saini hai., mai pahari hu or vo punjabi hm dono shadi krna chahte h bt uske ghr vale alow ni kr rhe h bcz hm rajput (Thakur) hai or vo saini unka kehna hai ki saini thakuron se unchi caste ke hote hai.. Isliye hm apni beti ki shadi nhi krva skte,. Plzz help me any one kya rajput (Thakur) or saini shadi kr skte hai., hmari life ka sval hai plz help,.;(

Re: Big confusen

(saini, 2013-06-03 14:39)

maa chamari ta baap manhas....putt da na thakur dass.........saini dnt do inter caste marriage......we are d real royal blood....

Re: Big confusen

(Salaria Thakur, 2012-06-10 05:16)

Bhai, Punjab ke Saini apne ko Yaduvanshi Rajput batate hain. Vo Bhagwan Krishan ke Dada Maharaja Shoorsen se apna udgam mante hain. Hoshiarpur mein kai gavon ke Zamindari unke pas thee aur unko Chaudhary bhi kaha jata hai.

Unke bahut se gotra jaisay ki Salaria, Budwal, Bilwauria, adi pahari Rajputon ke saman hain.

Kaha jata hai ki ve giarvi sadi mein Ghazni se yudh karnay ke liye Mathura se Punjab aye thay aur phir vahin bas gaye.

Kuch jankari is link par uplabdh hai:



Agar aap accha kama tay hain aur achhay parivar se hain to shayad bat ban jaye. Koshish kartay rahiye.

Re: Big confusen

(dhruv bhati, 2012-07-07 15:21)

nhi kr skte dost kyunki rajput kshatriya hote h aur saini mali hote hai jo unke gardens me kam karte the to kaise possible hai .Nai ho skta.

Re: Re: Big confusen

(replayer, 2013-04-24 06:21)

rajput koi bhout purani caste nahi h dost or tum se bahadur vansh rAHA h humesha sainio ka chahe ithihas utha k dekh lo tum apne se chahe tum apne aap ko kuch bhi sabit kr lo lakin researchers ye prove kr chuke h k ek bhi gotra tumhara apna ni h koi jaaton se nikla h ,koi gurjaron se koi yadavon se etc to kisi ko bada chota kahne se pahle thoda socho dost ....

Re: Re: Big confusen

(Salaria, 2012-08-05 01:24)

This is true only for Malis in Rajasthan who are not real Sainis. They adopted Saini identity in 1931 to get admission for army jobs. Original Sainis are found in Punjab only and they are Yaduvanshi Rajputs who migrated from Mathura around 1100 AD to fight Gazhni's army. They have no link with the Mali community of Rajasthan who are fake Sainis.

Saini is a short for Shoorsaini which is recognized Rajput group related with Krishna and his grand father Maharaja Shoorsen.

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